The long awaited Sony next generation machine, the Playstation 4 has finally been released back on November 28th, as of January many new patches have been released and I’ve spent a lot of time with the console to make sure I’m ready to review it.

This review will focus on both software & hardware of the console itself and the controller.  I’ll also talk about the Playstation Network and the console’s design.

Sony’s next generation console has been marketed as a console that will completely focus on gaming, but how gamer focused is the console?


Both in Hardware and Software the Playstation 4 is a console that focuses on getting the person inside the game as quick as possible, even if it’s the first time you set up the console the time that it takes to get on the menu and to start the game is insanely fast.

The Playstation 4 interface is very simple and any user will understand everything about it in a couple of minutes, it feels smooth going thorough the applications installed and and the multi tasking of installing games and patches at the same time comes in handy if you have more than one game to handle. But from time to time and especially when you’re playing games the console’s menu might freeze for a few seconds.

Sony has also revamped the profiles and trophies, by making it even more detailed especially the Profile area. In the profile area there are now new features available as a media section for your gameplays/screenshots, an area to have your own real life photos, trophies detailed on every platform and more.

In terms of application opening everything is quick, my favorite feature of the Playstation 4 software, is being able to patch a game while you’re installing another game in the HDD being able to do whatever you want in the menu while installing the game is also a new welcome change.



One of the best things about the new console is definitely the hardware, and PS4′s hardware doesn’t disappoint at ALL. The next generation consoles feature a PC architecthure for easy development of games and applications, without the need for a unique set of tools.

The console features a unique custom single-chip processor that combines with an AMD “Jaguar” CPU that features an eight core x86-64, the console has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and the GPU is based on AMD’s Radeon technology that features 1.84 teraflop. for memory  the console has a 500GB HDD.

Playstation has 2 frontal USB ports available only while the rear of the console feature an  : HDMI, Ethernet, a digital optical audio out and a special  connection port for the PlayStation Camera which is bought seperatily.

The Wi-Fi is built in the console.


 DualShock 4 controller

A new generation, a new controller, and the Playstation 4 controller the Dualshock 4 features a large improvement from it’s predecessor.

But the controller hasn’t evolved only in terms of design, new features such as the SHARE button that allows the user to upload his gameplay/screenshots in social media instantly or even allowing the user to stream his gameplay directly to either Twitch or another streaming website is available.

When holding it the DualShock 4 reminds me of the Xbox 360 controller in terms of weight and comfort, although the design is very close to that of the Playstation 3. The Dualshock 4 features a LED Light Bar in front of the controller that has different colors to identify each player, it can also be used in games to show a player’s health etc.

It also features a built in speaker that gives certain sound effects of games, for example in Killzone: Shadow Fall once you pick up a audio log the sound comes directly from the controller instead of being from the TV. It can also be used to attach a headset.

The controller is a great improvement no doubt there, any previous Playstation 3 fan will enjoy the controller especially for the shooters while the Xbox 360 fans that decided to buy a Playstation 4 will feel at home as the controller itself resembles the 360 controller.


Online services/ Playstation Network

The Playstation Network is back and improved.. In a way.

Playstation 4 PSN, has some problems in terms of servers whether your downloading a game or a patch the Playstation Network is often slow or down. I have the console ever since it’s launch date but even today I often have connection issues as slow downloading or the store itself being down. (Note : Euopean UK/Portuguese Store has been tested)

Having a Playstation Plus subscription is now required to play online, but playing online is not the only feature this service brings. It also brings cloud saving, free games each month for the PS4/PS3/Vita and PSP and much more that have been active ever since the Plus subscription came out.

PS Vita Remote Play is a service that can be connected via Wi-Fi  to the Playstation 4, to play it’s games. This service is great but only works perfectly well if the Wi-Fi connection is more than 5mbs and it’s stable.  This feature has some problems as not all games are perfect to be played on a Vita.

The frames per second are locked at 30 during the cloud steaming to the Playstation Vita.

Final thoughts :

Miguel Felix, one of our Editors showed his thoughts towards the Playstation 4 debate of whether purchasing one or not :

I would love to stand here and tell you to buy this console, ive been with the playstation all my life but why I’m not buying a Playstation 4 is very simple to explain really, the cons outweigh the pros.

I cant say if it’s a good system because I haven’t played it.But so far, no game interests me that much, the next gen graphics aren’t blowing me away to make me spend that kind of money right now, especially in a hard time to be spending money, and the same for the Xbox One it doesn’t solve anything that the PS4 offers, you get the console and either one from what I’m hearing your being sold things all the time and that’s not what I want, I don’t want to buy a 400 dollar console to then spend more than that amount on subscriptions and games, maybe when Kingdom Hearts 3 or some game I really want comes out but even then I’m going to be very skidish about buying any console, especially with all the extra money they are more or less forcing you to spend, I mean if you want to play online you pay if you want to play your old PS3 games you pay, you pay,you pay,you pay.For now the PS3 fulfills my console needs and if it weren’t for this site I wouldn’t even be thinking about this.

Bottom line :

The Playstation 4 is definitely a great system either in terms of hardware and software , but there’s no reason to acquire one right now. The current launch titles might not motivate one to purchase a 399€ console just yet though, as a user that has both consoles I find myself turning on the Xbox One more than the Playstation 4 itself due to the library of games that is available right now.

But if you feel like purchasing a Playstation 4 right now for it’s games or for some reason in special go ahead, for 400€ Sony’s next generation console offers a great value in both Hardware and Software.

What’s in it for it’s FUTURE?

Great single player exclusives alongside some AAA free to play games such as Planetside 2 and Everquest: Next. Sony has also lined up a new service called the Playstation Now, and much more than that hasn’t been announced, we although know that in the future Sony promised that will unlock more of certain parts of the hardware, that hasn’t been touched by developers just yet.

Physical Hardware is the secret card of Sony in this next generation, specially it’s GPU.

The Xbox One hasn’t been officially released in our country just yet, but that didn’t stop us from importing a console and take our own look at Microsoft’s next generation machine.

Microsoft’s next generation machine doesn’t only focus on games however.  The Xbox One is designed to become the the only box that you have under your TV, the console can be used for the TV cable service as well as movie/music streaming, Netflix, Skype calls and another services that are provided in the launch countries.

So as you can see the reason of acquiring the Xbox One is more than just games contrary to it’s competitor the Playstation 4.  The Xbox One also brings  Kinect 2.0, a version that in some aspects vastly improved from the previous version that was available to be bought separately on the Xbox 360.

But let’s start talking about the software/user interface before we get in technical terms with both the Xbox One and the Kinect.



The first time that you set up the Xbox One  it will take more than time than the Playstation 4,that does not mean it’s more complicated though it just requires a great amount of steps like for example : Calibrating Kinect motion sensor, sound, video, setup of the HDMI TV cable and the last one updating the console with the Day One patch which is around 1.80 GB.

But let’s get more into detail with the Xbox One’s interface which is called Home Screen.  Xbox One Home screen will remind you of Windows 8 right from the start, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover even if it resembles Windows 8 that’s not a bad thing at all.

And why do I say that? because Microsoft’s next generation console interface is smooth and clean.  It might take you some time to get used to it, but if you’re a Windows 8 user you’ll see how easy is to navigate thorough the menus even if you’re not a fan of using the controller you can use Kinect via voice commands such as “Xbox go to Skype” or “Xbox go to Dead Rising 3″.

These commands work with every application and it’s very handy if you’re occupied with something in our hands or if your in another room and want to turn on/off the console.


The Xbox One Home Screen also features something called Snap. This allows you to  run two applications at the same time by only using a bit more than third of the screen, this allows too for example browsing your game libbary while you’re either waiting for loading or a multiplayer match to start and it’s quite simple to switch between them as you only have to say to Kinect “Switch”. But if by any reason you “unsnap” an application for example Skype, the call will be hanged.

Microsoft has improved the profile,friends and achievements areas this time around. The achievement section however is disappointing when you earn an achievement in a game the time that it takes to load the achievement application is more than the time it took on the Xbox 360 which personally removes the magic feeling, not only that but the feeling of scrolling thorough the achievements is not the same because it’s more complicated than before.

The console has a feature called Game DVR, which allows the user to save up to 5 minutes of gameplay recorded at 720p.  All you gotta do is issue the voice command “Xbox record that”, and the last 30 seconds of it will be recorded, the console also features an Upload Studio which allows you to edit gameplay on a basic video editor built in program.

Once you’re done with the editing you’ll be able to upload that gameplay directly to Skydrive.

At the end of the day Xbox One’s interface is a love/hate relationship and depends on the person who uses it, due to some voice commands or even to some people who really hate the Metro style of it.



Xbox One’s hardware has been one of the hot topics of the gaming industry ever since the console was compared with the PS4. It’s usually said to be the “less powerful” console, it’s not completely true however.

The Xbox One CPU is more oriented for multi tasking like for example watching TV & Skype at the same time or gaming and skyping, while the Playstation 4CPU is supposed to be mainly focused on the game. ( If you want to know more about the Playstation 4′s GPU read our review here)

Let’s get down to details in the hardware then, Xbox One CPU is a custom AMD 8 core x86 architecture with 1.75GHz, while the GPU is an AMD Radeon GPU,  that features 1.31 teraflops. The GPU is 25% little behind the PS4  1.84 teraflop GPU.

For it’s RAM, Microsoft decided to put in the console 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Developers can use up to 5GB of RAM “guaranteed memory for games” which is more 500mb than 4.5GB that the Playstation has free for games.

As for the HDD, the Xbox One comes with 500gb, however it cannot be replaced for an external one like for example an SSD.



It was claimed by many that the Xbox 360 controller is one of the best controllers for gaming out there, Microsoft decided to not touch the design itself but only making it lighter. There’s however some improvements in terms of buttons, the sticks and the analog sticks.

Let’s start with the buttons, Microsoft decided to change the Xbox button to the top where it was previously in the middle this is the biggest change in terms of buttons.  The sticks however which fighting players complained is better than before,  it now features an asymmetrical layout which makes it more comfortable for fighting games itself and especially if you use them in long game sessions. (No more left thumb pain!)


The analog sticks have also seen some improvement, it has been added a textured rubber to the analogs to have a more comfortable and relaxing thorough long gameplay sessions, it does has a special feeling attached to it that no other controller has ever gave me before a relaxing feeling of moving the analog. (Weird!)

The current most underrated upgrade is  the triggers force feedback, this allows the player to feel the recoil kick of a gun or the bumping from the off-road ways in Forza 5. This is so far my favorite feature of the controller, but unfortunately the launch titles haven’t used it much and I hope the developers in the future use it more.

The bad news is that it still uses AA batteries, you can however buy a Charge Kit Play just like in the good old Xbox 360, also the controller does not feature any “motion” like Sony’s Dualshock 4.



The newest version of Kinect that comes in the package alongside the Xbox One, recognizes each person and features a built in microphone.

Let’s get this part started by saying that Kinect is NOT mandatory, so if you feel Microsoft is spying on you for the NSA you can remove it at any time. You will however lose the voice commands features that will come in handy once you’re used to them.

Kinect offers the best Skype experience, not only by the camera but for it’s surprisingly great built in microphone. If you don’t feel like using the headset you can use Kinect to talk to your friends over the Xbox Live Party or in-game VoIP.

It’s calibration and preparation however could be a pain, it really depends on how the sensor recognizes you and your voice.


Online Services

Xbox Live is better than before in terms of finding the content you want, everything is well organized and is easier to find than in the previous LIVE on the Xbox 360.

The community side of LIVE has been detailed in such places as above mentioned on the interface part. The market is simpler than in the previous console, and buying a product is twice as fast.

Same goes for the download services, downloading a game has never been faster contrary to the PS4, where downloading a game might take some time and while you’re at it connection to the online service might be lost.

Final Verdict 

As I’ve done with the previously review of the Playstation 4, I’ve collected an opinion of one of our editors this time around Frank Rod regarding whether buying the Xbox One now would be a good choice, even if isn’t being sold on most of the countries in the world.

Xbox one is a wonderful piece of engineering, but what prevents me from immediately acquiring one right now, is the upcoming Microsoft policies and mindset that we can observe in games right now, such as Forza, with micro transactions, subscriptions, and new ways for companies to keep taking more and more money from us trough trivial things such as cars, tracks and in game currencies.

With the amount of cash someone already has to spend on the console, and the current declining economy, Xbox’s policies will undoubtedly leave attentive gamers wondering if it’s at all worth getting on an ongoing investment such as the Xbox one as of now.

My own opinion? If you’re a fan of what Microsoft has been doing with the Xbox One for gaming and if you’re outside of the launch countries and are able to import one, I recommend you to wait for the next few exclusives which will start to be released around March.

If you live in a launch country and think the Xbox One, feeds both your TV/Social & Gaming needs then it’s the console for you some services are not yet available to be used but as time passes they will be available.

At the end of the day it really depends on which gaming franchises you like, and if the social aspects of the console respects your needs.

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